Smaato Rolls off New Anti-fraud Features

Smaato just announced that they would be implementing Protected Media’s ad fraud technology. The mobile ads platform will be offering these features to their network of 10 000 app developers and 90 000 publishers to protect themselves against cyber fraud. The feature will evaluate ad impressions more, requiring that there be better and more accurate verifications.

Since last year, more and more people have drifted towards advertising platforms with a concern for security. Mobile advertisers for in-app ads went looking for ad formats that were anti-fraud.

Smaato has had a focus on security for a long time, and this has caused the ad spend on their platform to increase from 80% to 96% while video ad requests increased 14 times.

The COO of the company, George Fiegen talks of the move saying, ‘We offer advertisers quality traffic for all their campaigns. We have partnered with like-minded publishers, a move which helps to maintain value and quality. Protected Media will allow us to offer viewable traffic that is transparent, brand-safe and fraud protected.

Meanwhile, there has been an increase of up to ten times of the number of in-app fraud in which fraudsters hide low-quality apps making them appear premium. Another research by Forrester found video contributing 45% to the total ad spend, but 64% of these were affected by ad fraud.

Smaato has paired with Protected Media hoping to make their standards for safety more demanding.

We are privileged to give Smaato in-depth analysis of their impressions so that they can diagnose fraud better,’ said the CEO of Protected Media, Asaf Greiner. ‘Fraudsters have upped their game. They are more persistent and rely on more sophisticated technology. Our partnership with Smaato will keep quality traffic and produce genuine results from ad campaigns.

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