Shoppers in the UK Prefer Instagram

Many people use different social media platforms to discover products. However, only one out of every six customers in the UK has bought anything using Facebook.

A survey by looked at 1 424 British consumers on their platform and found that only 33% of their shoppers were opposed to using social media to buy items.

Instagram stood out as the most popular platform, with 59% of consumers admitting to being open to buy goods on the app. Facebook’s popularity was at 27% and Pinterest at 20%.

Despite the intent to purchase, only 17% of the respondents had used the buy button before.

‘Social commerce is relatively new and is just at its infancy in the UK,’ explained the managing director at ‘It will take some time for shoppers to trust it. After all, we like the familiar. Times are changing, though, and shoppers who do not try new technologies could miss out on the best sales, launches, and deals. They could also miss out on great insight into their favorite brands,’ continued Cas Paton.

Some of the significant reasons shoppers fear social commerce include security (58%), privacy (32%), and the legitimacy of the seller (32%).
85% of consumers said they worry that the sellers on social media are fake.
‘Our research shows that British consumers care about legitimacy, privacy, and security. Brands should care about creating a service that is all about transparency. State your costs clearly, reassure the audience that you will answer their questions and queries, and be true to your word. Guidelines should have no loopholes. Make shoppers feel safe in your platform, and put in extra work to ensure successful transactions.’

As you try to make the consumer feel safe, use images from previous customers.

59% of the respondents said that they trust easy payment systems and customer reviews as well as demo products and video tutorials.

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