Retention Rates Reach 35% for Top Games Alone

App developers have to deal with the problem of getting past Day 1 retention with the average rate being 25%.

Game Analytics research shows that only the top games get a retention rate of 35% and 11% by day 7. On average, the industry rate for day 7 is less than 6%.

Game developers should test their games so that they come close to getting such KPIs.

Of the top games, 25% can reach a 4% retention rate after a month, which sounds low but is respectable. A few games are getting a retention rate of 10%, but that is only possible for classic games.

According to a report by Mobile Games, the average gameplay session went down one minute. The company says that the trend is ongoing and most genres are witnessing a 30-second drop in the length of the average session. The fall might because users are adopting bite-sized gaming styles.

The only games that are exempt from the rule are multiplayer, role-playing games and casino games, with their session lengths ranging from 13 to 22 minutes.

ARPPU (Average revenue per paying user) and ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) from purchases made in-app dropped 20%.

Mid core games had the highest earning potentials for ARPPU, getting 3-5X more than casual games. Role-playing and strategy games had more player conversions than other genres with conversion rates and ARPDAU being 5-7X more than the rest.

The report analyzed 1.2 billion active users per month and found eCPM for hyper-casual games in China to increase in the first half of the year. Median eCPMs nearly reached US levels pointing to quick adoption of casual games in the country.

However, all around the world, hyper-casual eCPMs were 3-5X lower than any other game genre.

Credit: Business of Apps

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