Q1 2019 Sees Mobile Ad Spend Grow 29%

There has been faster growth (29%) in mobile advertising this year than there was during the first quarter of 2017 and 2018 going by a report by PubMatic. As a result of the growth, mobile eCPMs on the platform declined.

48% of all video impressions that the company served were served on mobile and 63% on desktop. The company is expecting that by the end of the year, mobile video will be the more preferred format.

‘Mobile ad spend continues to grow while the sector is drifting toward greater returns and transparency largely owing to the effort of advertisers and publishers. The industry is still learning how to use in-app header bidding,’ says the GM at PubMatic, Paulina Klimenko. ‘To be successful, app publishers have to consider the differences between in-app header bidding and desktop header bidding and how such differences affect implementation.’

What is more, the company has seen an increase in its header bidding volumes since 2017.

Over 30% of publishers already use header bidding in-app, and research shows another 30% who are planning to use it this year.

In 2018, header bidding on the mobile web went up 80% driven by publishers.
According to the report, Android app spending went down 17% while spending on iOS increased by 68% as a possible reflection of fraud schemes on Google.
Android open marketplace expenditures went down, but in the private market, they went up 58%. Overall, marketers are less concerned with iOS.

Regarding regional opportunities, APAC remained behind the rest in the self-serve ad market at 7% of its current digital ad spend. In-app, impressions on mobile have increased by 2.5X the global average.


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