Popular in the US Market – Mobile Native Ads

By 2020, it is expected that mobile will contribute 88.8% of native ads in the US, an increase of 3.6% from 2018. Mobile ad formats will keep becoming predominantly native and served programmatically, according to eMarketer.

87.7% of native will have a self-serve feature by 2020. However, it is likely that the social share of native will drop from 76.7% to 73.5% in the next two years.

eMarketer findings emphasize the fact that most of native are displayed in the US.

‘US’ native ad market will keep growing, but the native ad will not change much: it will still be self-serve, from social networks and to mobile devices,’ explained an analyst from eMarketer, Nicole Perrin. ‘In a lot of ways, this points to other display trends even though native ads are different than display ads in those same characteristics.’

At the same time, MediaRadar finds out that the number of advertisers who use native remained stagnant towards the end of 2018. The number is yet to hit its peak.

For this year, eMarketer expects that advertisers in the US will spend close to $44 billion on native, a growth of 24.6% from last year. The market is expected to have reached $57 billion by 2020.


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