Poor Linking Between In-store Visits and Ads by Retailers

74% of retailers in the UK do not assess their digital marketing efforts accurately, a factor which affects the sales they make in their physical locations.

Marketing Signals conducted a survey that included more than 1150 retail workers and found a massive knowledge gap among most retailers. The study revealed that retailers did not know how their digital ads can drive in-store sales. 68% of the retailers also did not know how their latest campaign performed.

Marketing Signals found that 85% of transactions in retail in the UK happen in store. However, 94% of consumers have to do online research before they can go to buy a product.

‘Our research is pointing to a growing focus on omnichannel in the region, but many do not know how to measure success,’ explains the managing director, Gareth Hoyle.

‘Technology like Google Store Visits is available to help retailers to measure ROI for their digital spend. However many retailers ignore it and try to solve their problems with surveys in-store. Surveys are not particularly effective in telling you whether your customers searched you online first.’
Retailers who have embraced digital tech are better able to measure ROI.


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