Poor Ad Targeting Tarnishes Brand Image

Close to 50% of German and US users have started shying from ads that track their online activity. 38% of French respondents had an issue with ad targeting, and only 40% believed the industry to require change.

‘All of us have experienced an ad following us, popping up whenever we go. This is an issue that cannot be divorced from ad retargeting. Instead of urging them to purchase, it annoys the consumer and causes reputational damage in the long run,’ explains the SVP of Conversant, Elliot Clayton.

‘We can see progress, but there is yet a long way to go for the marketer who is to build close and true relationships with the customer,’ says Clayton. ‘Consumers want brands whose communication feels personal, and so marketers need to understand their customers’ habits, purchase behaviors even offline. They have to analyze the behavior of their customer across devices and channels.’

According to the research, 29% of consumers in the UK start associating brands with negative emotions after they see a terrible ad. 44% of respondents say they prefer to see fewer ads that are more relevant and useful.

48% of German respondents said they rather see fewer ads. This number was at 45% in the US. Only 15% of French consumers thought negatively of brands that published bad ads.


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