Pinterest Exceeds 250M MAUs

There are more than 250 million users on Pinterest per month according to an announcement by the company. ‘There are also over 175 billion pins, which is a 75% increase since last year. This shows how much the platform has been growing’ says Engadget. ‘Pinterest has a worldwide community, with less than 50% of the users in the US and over 80% new users living in other parts of the world.’

The platform still enjoys over 250 million monthly visitors and it keeps growing while other networks falter.

The more prominent of social networks have been facing slow growth or even little dips but not Pinterest. The company admits that users stay because they are engaged. According to a Nielsen study, 98% of the platform’s users go there to find ideas they can use in real life.

Some skeptics thought that the platform would not last long but eight years after it was launched, the network is closely behind Twitter in terms of the number of active users. It helps that there have been recent updates like the group board features that make the platform even more user-friendly. The changes may have encouraged users to return more often, boosting the numbers significantly.

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