Password Exposure on Instagram May Impact Millions

Last month, Facebook revealed that its employees might have seen thousands of passwords belonging to Instagram users.

The company has reviewed the breach and determined that ‘millions’ may have been impacted.

‘We found extra logs of passwords that are stored in readable formats,’ said the vice president of engineering at the company, Pedro Canahuati. ‘We now think that the issue affected millions of users on Instagram’.

Besides this number, there are hundreds of millions of potentially impacted users by the issue.

Facebook has not revealed how many of its over 25 000 employees could access user passwords.

So far, no evidence points to the passwords not being internally abused and improperly accessed.

The company first learned about the glitch in January. The passwords were stored in readable formats in the company’s data storage system.
Login systems on the platform are designed to hide passwords by making them unreadable.

According to Canahuati, the issue that exposed user passwords is now fixed.
Facebook has met multiple breaches of security over the past year. Last week, the company was on the defense for allegedly getting and uploading 1.5 million email contacts from unsuspecting users.

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