Over 70% of Mobile Users Dislike Unadjusted Ads

Going by the report of IAB UK’s (Internet Advertising Bureau, UK) study, advertisers should optimize their mobile ads. Consumers do not like non-adjusted ads.

Based off a survey of more than 1200 adults in the UK, the study revealed that 78% found such ads that were not tailored for the mobile annoying. 37% thought that the platform they were visiting or the website was responsible for the ads while 33% laid blame on the brands running the ads.

Clearly, failing to adjust mobile ads affects everyone involved in the advertising process.

However, all is not gloom. 84% of the respondents admitted that they would rather a free Internet that runs on ads.

IAB noted that making a small ad adjustment could mean a world of difference. Ads optimized for the smartphone increased brand consideration by the consumer by 56%. The desire on the consumer’s side to inquire about the blog also went up by 50%. Mobile adjusted ads also made the responsible brands 44% more preferred, 33% more trusted and 21% more likely to be viewed as premium.

Additionally, short video ads that were optimized were viewed to completion and perceived as more attention-grabbing, creative and engaging.

The chief digital officer, IAB, Tim Elkington explained it this way:

Digital advertising is maturing. The UK must lead in ensuring the industry’s sustainable future. Such a future is about making a user's experience the best it can be. Besides, the ads need to be within the right contest if brands will benefit from them.

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