Offensive Content on Facebook Impacts Other Platforms

Facebook has been working hard to eliminate offensive content on the platform, but there are still a lot of hateful and inappropriate posts remaining.

A new AdColony report found 60% of the surveyed to have encountered foul content on the platform. This number is double that of consumers who met similar content on YouTube.

What is more, 18% of the respondents claimed to have run into such content in games, 15% from Instagram and 14% in Snapchat.

Harmful content affects the platform and the ads that it appears alongside. In fact, over 40% of consumers said that they make negative associations with an ad that they see alongside bad content.

60% of consumers said they also view the platform badly.

The upside of this news is that smartphone users are becoming used to Facebook ads. 36% of respondents said they prefer to see ads there and have come to expect them.

That number exceeds 16% for consumers who prefer mobile game ads and 15% for YouTube. 8% prefer Snapchat and 7%, Instagram. The fact that very few users expect ads on Instagram does not reflect well for Facebook.

Worse still, Instagram has made efforts to embrace e-commerce ads. Less than five consumers report to buying something after seeing offensive ads on a platform.

On the other hand, one of every four consumers will purchase after they see an ad on a mobile game. Mobile games also show the lowest incidences of ‘fake news’ at 8%, which cannot be compared to Facebook’s 49% or YouTube’s 25%.

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