Oath Premieres Metric for Automated Audio Ads

The Verizon Company, Oath recently announced that it will now be possible for brands to buy and to manage ad inventory for digital audio. The new capabilities result from the company’s integration with other digital exchanges like the Rubicon Project.

Through the ad platform’s DSP and the new integrations, the advertiser will be able to access popular audio services like Targetspot and Soundcloud. Consequently, they will be able to run campaigns against podcasts, streaming music and other audio forms that are considered to be high-impact.

Triton Research and Edison Research approximate the number of people listening to a streaming audio every month to be at least 180 million. There is also an estimated 73 million consumers listening to podcasts every month. Avid
listeners consume a minimum of seven podcasts every week.

Thanks to the integration, advertisers will be able to target the audience in real time, and they will manage their bids as they add pieces of audio to the display and video campaigns on the platform’s demand-side. Advertisers get better customization opportunities for their audio advertising including targeting in context.

With video and display, it will be possible for the advertiser to transact inventory via the DSP to see the performance of their ads alongside it. In this case, inventory is digital audio. The platform will serve the campaigns across top streaming and audio supply platforms, according to a spokesperson of Oath.

Typically, CPM pricing resembles video inventor especially bearing in mind the ability to personalize and the impact it has because of the potency of digital audio. It also helps that it is a premium nature supply.

There is a rich gallery of set metrics that is growing by the day. One can get details on the listening rates, mute rates, pause rates, and completion rates. In audio advertising, the duration is significant for the advertiser to gauge whether the campaign is worth the investment.

We have met the MRC requirements here. They defined digital audio ads ad those that are ‘audible’ when played at non-zero volume and are un-muted for a minimum of two seconds,’ said the spokesman. ‘This advertising category is very new, and the benchmarking standards are bound to become in depth and more insightful over time. Audible as a metric, like viewability, will only grow more sophisticated from here on.’

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