Netflix Announces Plan to Add Vertical Video Previews to Their App


Variety reports that Netflix will roll out a 30-second video preview for their movies and shows on their mobile app next month. The vertical previews will be on the home screen insider rounded icons. The icons will resemble Instagram’s or Snapchat’s stories features.

• During the launch, Netflix will run 75 previews that users will swipe on their phones. In the end, the company will provide hundreds of title previews to cover even licensed and original shows. The company set up a similar feature on their TV interface years back, but this is the first time vertical videos will be on their apps.

• Meanwhile, the USA Today reports the company to have over 117 million subscribers who gave the company $11 billion revenues in 2017. Netflix expects an increase up to $15 billion in 2018.


Netflix notices the changes in their audiences’ habits. They are now relying on their handsets to research what movies and shows to watch. The mobile may account for only 20% of all Netflix views, but more than 50% of users rely on their tablets and phones to visit the platform every month. This indicates that the company needs to attend to their needs; to find innovative solutions to cater to the change in media viewing habits from TV to digital versions.

The company’s efforts to add social features to their app have failed so far. A while back, they tried to create a social network that saw only a 2% participation as reported by their vice president Todd Yellin. After closing down that experiment, they explored the option of letting people share their viewing preferences on Facebook. That did not take either. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, Netflix now takes part in other platforms by dedicating accounts for some shows.

Netflix is now exploring apps in a bid to change content creation. They are looking to use apps to manage shoots, film crews and budgeting. They have been testing an app, ‘Move’ towards the same since November last year.

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