Moolah Mobile Partners with SurgePhone


  • The ad network Moolah Mobile recently partnered with SurgePhone wireless to provide a free service for consumers who watch ads on their phones. The service is expected to serve over one million consumers in the U.S. The rollout is to begin in Texas, Georgia, Florid and Virginia.

  • The service will offer free texts, talk time and data by providing subsidies for wireless bills with the money they generate from Moolah Mobile. The company is looking to make a passive income from users of Android phones who watch native ads and who take surveys.

  • Moolah Mobile aims to get 5000 more locations every month to achieve a targeted 40 000 people by the end of the year, alongside 800 000 possible subscribers. The subscribers will be able to use the income to pay utility bills and phone bills or to buy items on Amazon. They will also be able to convert their income into gift cards if they like.


The new service by Surge and Moolah mobile will help marketers to get in touch with low-income consumers who are hard to reach with other media channels. The subsidies for smartphone owners will be for users who view ads. The idea is to make sure that they are targeted with messages that are relevant to them. Surge offers the service on its Android devices and Moolah installs them with kits for users to use their phones that way.

Different companies have considered the service successfully. Over ten years ago, Blyk started using the mobile device in the UK, running over 2000 campaigns for brands like L’Oreal, CocaCola, and Colgate. The service targeted young audiences and saw strong metrics, but it did not reach the expected scales. Amazon also used the smartphone in 2016 after Fire Phone failed to gain traction. Moolah’s mobile plan will target focused group to reach benchmarks before scaling up.

A mobile service that supports ads will help to work around ad blocking software. As it is, 5% of U.S mobile users block ads, a 3% increase from the number recorded in 2016. The percentage may be small, but it may become a significant problem the more user experience deteriorates.

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