Mobile Users Prefer Mobile Game Ads

The Modern Mobile Gamer Persona’s report for 2019, published by Tapjoy, reveals that most mobile game players prefer to give up TV and social networking than mobile gaming.

Thanks to mobile games, app advertisers and marketers can reach in-app audiences, and consumers seem to like that approach.

The report said that 41% of the respondents paid more attention to mobile game ads than traditional ads like on billboards (15%) and magazines (15%).
Most forms of digital ads are seen as intrusive, but in-app ads are not. 72% of the respondents said they enjoyed seeing ads in an app as long as they were getting something in return.

‘Mobile games are a universal entertainment form in the world today,’ said the VP of marketing at Tapjoy. Emily McInerney thinks that ‘People from all demographics in all regions play games on their tablets and phones and they play a lot.’ ‘Fortunately for brands, mobile games grab the consumers’ attention and engage them as they relax. They are more receptive to ads than they would be on any other platform.’

60% of people playing mobile games now self-identify as ‘gamers’ which is a 27% growth from 2016.

According to the report, 63% of gamers are women and 28% men. Of the respondents, 54% were parents who open their apps at least thrice a day. A different 43% of the respondents open their apps between five and ten times every day.

54% of gamers spend at least an hour playing a strategy, role-playing, or puzzle game.

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