Mobile Gamers Prefer Online Shopping

AdColony performed research and found Vietnamese consumers who were mobile gamers to use more than non-gamers in their TET shopping.

71% of players plan to spend more than 5 million VND (nearly $216) compared to 60% on non-gamers. Women were found to spend 60% more than men.

84% of respondents were gamers, and 21% of them spent an average of 5-8 hours in a week playing games. 20% played 2 hours every week or more than 8 hours in a week.

Personal care products were purchased most as gifts for family and friends. 58% of respondents gifted alcohol.

The survey also found females to men more likely to shop online compared to men. 89% shopped in physical retail locations while 64% shopped online.

Mobile devices are now the primary ways people discover brands with females preferring them over traditional media.

The primary criteria for buying products that cost more than 3 million VND was 46% brand name, 38% durability, 29% design, and 18% environmental friendliness.

Women were found more likely to buy products because of their design, while Gen Z wanted products for their durability.

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