Mobile Game Ads Prompt Purchases More than Social

Consumers care about the kinds of ads they see. They prefer to interact with advertisements on mobile games (16%), YouTube (15%), Instagram and Snapchat (7%).

The latest survey on Brand Safety by AdColony revealed that consumers would likely buy something after seeing the ad in a mobile game (26%) compared to YoutTube, Snapchat or Instagram.

60% of consumers said that they have interacted with inappropriate and hateful content on Facebook, causing them to fear for the safety of their brand on the platform. Over 31% of the correspondents had similar feelings about YouTube, and 20% for Google.

It comes as no surprise that 49% of the respondents considered offensive content that comes alongside an ad to affect the brand. 39% said there was no impact.

60% of the participants believed that the social platform has come to be viewed negatively due to the bad content.
At the same time, 49% of respondents said they met more fake news on the platform than on Google and YouTube.

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