Mobile Contributes 51% of Search Ad Spend

During Q2 of 2019, paid advertising went up 10% according to a trends report by Kenshoo.

Impressions and clicks were more than spending while CPCs went down 10% because product and mobile ads carry low costs.

At the same time, CTR decreased by 14% because of the low prices for mobile ads but the impressions increased by 41%.

During the first half of 2019, mobile ad spend contributed 51% of search expenditure and 70% of clicks and impressions.

The senior director of marketing research at Kenshoo, Chris Costello explained that ‘more impressions for mobile search campaigns resembled last year’s figures and reflected how marketers use broad coverage to drive the growth of search.’

Search ads are cost-effective, but they also have to show up in search results across the different products to maximize conversions.

At the same time, social ad spend increased 37% during Q2 as publishers produced more innovative ad offerings. Social impressions increased by 24% and clicks dropped 12%.

Instagram expenditure from Insta Stories grew by 186% compared to last year’s Q2. However, the performance for the main feed went down to 21% below Facebook’s News Feed.

‘On Instagram, video continues impacting direct engagement with ads. It drove click-through rates and volumes down, over time,’ added Costello.

Video ads contribute the most to the growth of social ad spend.

They have high production costs, but advertisers and brands love the format because it offers high rates of engagement.

In Q2 of 2019, Pinterest was an emerging channel. 8% of advertisers using Kenshoo preferred the platform. Last year, 20% of advertisers on Pinterest were non-commerce. The number has grown to 30% this year, marking the company’s efforts to diversify its portfolio.


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