Mobile Boosts Revenue and User Growth for Facebook

Facebook has faced several legal battles in the US and endured investigations by the FTC, and yet the platform emerges unshaken. The company reported a gain of 28% in revenues during 2019 Q2.

Mobile ad revenues contributed most of the earnings -94% - showing how important the format is to the network.

Revenues went up 12% over 2019 Q1.

‘The first quarter was strong for the community and business,’ said Mark Zuckerberg. ‘We want to invest more in creating stronger protections for privacy for everyone and in offering users new experiences.’

When you break it down further, mobile video contributed half of all ad revenues.

‘The best ads on the platform get to the point within the first three seconds,’ explained Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO.

The platform announced an 8% growth in daily active users to get to 1.59 billion led by Indonesia, Philippines and India.

Active users per month grew by 180 million.

‘When looking at family metrics, we estimate an average of 2.1 billion people in growth in June and over 2.7 billion per month,’ added the CFO of Facebook, David Wehner.

Facebook’s performance is majorly influenced by how the platform keeps improving engagement and ad formats.

Meanwhile, together with Google, the platform is subject to regulation in Australia, in a bid to get more transparency in data storage and collection practices.


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