Millennials Shun Facebook App

After a controversial year, new research shows that younger users in the U.S have started fleeing Facebook.

Over the past 12 months alone, a staggering 44% of them have deleted the app from their phones, as discovered by Pew Research Center.

Across all demographics and ages, 26% of the polled users say they delete the app.
The research was conducted on May 29 to June 11 following the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Of course, the respondents may have deleted the app but still re-installed it after a while, mentioned Aaron Smith, the research director at Pew Research.

‘With that in mind, the findings point to the fact that Americans, more so the young adults are intent on using the approaches and tools at their disposal to protect their privacy,’ added Smith.

‘It also speaks to the idea that engagement with social media is not a one-way direction. Users constantly modify their engagement levels with the platforms,’ said he.

At first, Facebook executives suggested that they could come out of the scandal with no effect but as the report shows, that is far from the truth.

It proves that issues of privacy have become important for Facebook users, with a majority, 54% of them, having changed their privacy settings within the past year.
Other than deleting the app, there are other users who are distancing themselves from the company. Pew respondents show that in the past year, 42% of them stopped checking Facebook for a number of weeks.

Along with the breaches to privacy, the company has been at the center of nasty political conversations among spreaders, trolls, and fake newsagents.

Additionally, the platform has had to deal with allegations that it was suppressing conservative voices from critics including the President.

Yet, the polls by Pew found that close to the same number of Republican and Democrat shares had been made, and the players continue to use the platform.

Republicans were not any more likely than Democrats were to have left the platform or uninstalled the app in the past year.

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