Majority of Social Marketers Prefer Facebook – 80%

Social media plays a significant role in marketing. Marketers can reach and engage their audiences directly. A survey by G2 found Facebook to be the most popular for marketers on social media, with 80% of the interviewed persons admitting to using the platform.

Facebook boasts of a 2.2 million active user audience. Meanwhile, other platforms like YouTube have 330 million users. Only 43.5% of the marketers interviewed used YouTube in their marketing strategies.

Facebook offers a wide range of measurement and targeting tools, making it easy for marketers to assess the success of their campaigns. Marketers also said they found the platform to be the most impactful.

Instagram ranked second with 61.2% of the marketers said they prefer the app. Previous research showed that 2.2% of users on the platform interact with ads, compared to the 0.22% of people on Facebook who do.

Instagram advertising offers an experience that is similar to Facebook, which may explain its popularity.

YouTube and Twitter came in next, according to the survey.
Meanwhile, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, which have smaller audiences, were found to be less likely to be used by marketers.

However, the three offer niche audiences that help to get engagement for brands and clients with specific needs.

60% of the marketers interviewed said Facebook Messenger enabled them to contact consumers and to answer their questions.

Only 34% of respondents preferred Facebook Live even though the feature has been touted as a big success.

24.1% of marketers used Facebook Groups.
Meanwhile, Instagram users said they preferred stories – 67.6%. The feature has proven to be popular, for the way posts disappear in 24 hours.

Marketers use Stories to boost engagement and to allow the platform to display their page posts at the top of the feed for the user to see.

The platform’s algorithm ranks posts from accounts that have more engagement higher in the feed. Therefore, stories help users to cheat the algorithm.

Half of the marketers said they sponsored their ads on Instagram.

20% of marketers used Snapchat, but the Discover feature was the most popular. It is relatively expensive, but it has shown a great success for publishers.

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