Majority of Shoppers Click Social Media Ads

Social media is becoming a popular way for consumers to purchase a product according to new find outs that show 63% of shoppers to have followed an ad on social media.

The survey was conducted on 4500 shoppers from eight countries by Episerver. 33% of all users were found to have bought something because of an ad.
17% of shoppers online make many voice purchases every month. However, the research found security to be a significant concern with 43% of the interviewed claiming to trust voice recognizing devices more.

‘Social commerce excels in the areas voice commerce lacks,’ says the director of commerce at Episerver, Ed Kennedy.

‘According to our data, social media has improved the number of purchases from young customers. It has grown from the days of networks testing the ‘buy now’ feature to become part of people’s everyday lives where scrolling becomes shopping quickly. Retailers who want to focus their efforts in the days to come must consider what works now and who is behind its success.’

The study further revealed the importance of influencer marketing, with 52% of shoppers having bought something after seeing an influencer post it. 31% of shoppers purchased products directly from a post.

It is interesting that the number of shoppers getting a product from social media (12%) is almost the same as that from the website of a brand (11%). Brands and retailers can use this to target shoppers on social media.

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