ironSource Eases Cross Promotion Campaign Launch

The mobile monetization company, ironSource, recently launched a solution that will make it easy for developers to launch cross promotion campaigns.
Developers who already use the platform will be able to tap into the network and access the feature.

Before the launch, developers had issues trying to cross-promote. Publishers using the networks would end up competing against themselves.
At the same time, cross-promotion campaigns would launch with low-quality backfill inventory, which limited optimization.

‘Publishers of mobile games have been asking for such a solution,’ explained the VP of Product Development at ironSource, Nimrod Zuta. ‘Optimization has been a problem for both business sides. Our solution helps to bridge user acquisition sides and monetization to create tools that can foster holistic growth. The solution contributes to our goal of becoming a growth platform for mobile games.’

The new solution will let developers launch their campaigns and get access to features like data science, attribution, dynamic bidding, ROAS optimization, and CPI bidding tools.

Monetization managers can then set up campaigns within mediation waterfalls.
‘Using the new tool has changed the way we do business,’ says Dmitry Glebenok, the CTO of Playgendary. ‘We no longer compete with ourselves or pay commission for our users. We now utilize the benefits of the ad network for our campaigns. ironSource’s tool allows us to treat our ad units and ads with a business mind, informed by numbers.’

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