In-app Ads In Different Apps Increase Conversions

Adobe reports that smartphones contributed most significantly to digital shopping traffic during the holiday seasons in 2018. 51% of mobile commerce visits came from mobile while the rest came from tablets and desktops.
Different research by Appreciate, a mobile bidding platform, found advertisers who run ads on various apps to have more conversions.

Indeed campaigns that run across seven app categories produced 45% more engagements than those in four groups or less.

According to the report, mobile commerce campaigns with a minimum of 11 creatives generated 128.6% more installs than those campaigns that had less than four creatives.

‘Traditionally speaking, e-commerce campaigns with diverse creatives do better, but the trend has become even more evident in the holidays. Other categories like utilities, entertainment, and gaming are not as affected by the number of creatives,’ explains the VP of Client Success at Appreciate, Shiri Lahat.

Overall, native ads in apps produced more installs and drove more sales when pitted against other formats. Video formats produced higher costs for each purchase averaging at 60% more than native ads in-app.

‘App usage and mobile penetration are growing. We are expecting that the numbers will flip as the growth continues to have apps dominate e-commerce sales,’ added Lahat. ‘More to that, our self-serve mobile bidding tech can serve e-commerce apps better as long as they place a high premium on transparency, cost-effectiveness, and relevance in their efforts to reach, engage and sell their products to prospective shoppers.’

In-app banner ads for mobile performed nearly as well as natives.
Regarding conversion time, results suggest that the hours between 4.30 pm and 8 pm, and from 8 pm to 11 pm, are the best to use m-commerce apps to convert. Weekends also appeared to perform the strongest, with Saturdays topping the list of app installs and Sundays taking the day for sales.

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