IAB Releases a Measurement Platform for In-App Ads


• IAB Tech lab just launched an OM SDK (Open Measurement Software Development Kit) that will allow third parties to track and verify their viewability data for their in-app ads without having to rely on many SDKs. The idea of the rollout is to boost verification for mobile app ads thereby helping app ad creatives to access metrics that are reliable and consistent across platforms.

• Some of the founding members of IAB group include IAS, Moat, Pandora, ComScore, Google, and DoubleVerify. The companies contributed to developing the SDK by giving insights and technology that was used. Alongside the SDK, IAB Tech Lab published a guide that allows partners to know how to deploy and use it. They also released a compliance service that will verify the implementation of the SDK.

• ComScore is now one of the companies that have started letting their customers use campaign ad verification for mobile apps. They have integrated OMSDK to their SDK to give an in-app measurement and flagship tool as part of their advertising solutions.


Statista.com forecasts that in-app ad spending will increase to $20 billion by the end of 2018, which will be a 25% growth. However, the sector has experienced many challenges, among them, is how to measure ad viewability. The new tools by IAB were released in 2017 but have been limited to a few companies with the group wanting to make sure that they work. The idea behind them is to remove the need for using many SDKs when publishing and verifying ads. Media buyers should be able to benefit from the tool. Initially, they would dedicate hours trying to organize and review data from many third-party SDKs. OM SDK will allow them to get consistent viewability and to be able to verify the info across different landscapes. Consequently, brands will be more equipped to assess ROI and to establish what is working for them and what is not. They will have more confidence in their buys, a factor which could help them to increase their ad spends.

OM SDK works with many types of ads including HTML, native and native video, and display. It supports all VAST (Video ad-serving template) versions when it comes to video verification. The new SDK is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It has an impression measurement for when the video begins to render and verifies viewing by Media Rating Council’s definition. IAB has put the OM SDK Guide on the website.

Apps remain critical to marketing and connecting with mobile consumers. The time that users spend in mobile apps has slowed down in growth rate, but there is still growth. There are new apps such as Tenor and Trivia HQ, every day that grab the attention of consumers. If OM SDK is adopted widely, it will allow standardization across the in-app ads landscape.

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