Google Works to End Disruptive Mobile Ads

Many users claim to leave specific apps because of their ads that they consider disruptive. This reflects poorly on both the app and the app store. Recently, Google banned CooTek, an app developer on its Play Store that was publishing apps with many disruptive ads.

The company, based in Shanghai had hundreds of apps on the app store, including TouchPal, the popular keyboard app.

After BuzzFeed News published evidence of CooTek’s use of disturbing ads, 60 apps have been removed.

Before that, a security firm, Lookout had noticed the said apps to have a plugin, BeiTaAd which runs disruptive ads in the background even for locked phones.

The disruption has made it impossible for some users to interact with other apps or make calls.

A spokesperson for Google revealed that they would be removing more apps as the company is against ‘deceptive and malicious behavior, including disruptive ads.’

CooTek acknowledged the removal in a press released and warned that it would affect Google Admob revenue negatively. However, existing users will be unaffected.

Earlier in the year, another app developer, Do Global, was removed from Google Play following a violation of advertising policies as uncovered by BuzzFeed.

CooTek says that it updated its apps in June and removed the code that caused the disruptive ads.


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