Google Launches Video for Showcase Ads


• Google is rolling out new formats for advertising including video in the Showcase ads and shoppable images. The idea is to help marketers to be able to reach online shoppers better during the holiday season.

• Video as an extension of Showcase ads will allow marketers to upload many images of the same product to one ad. Adding video will make the ads more engaging and immersive. As it is, almost 70% of all shoppers admit that video introduced ideas for future purchases. According to Google, 90% of users said they got new products on YouTube.

• With Shoppable images, marketers are able to display curated ads. The tool helps the publisher to give an opportunity to the consumer to buy their products easily. For instance, a shopper visiting their favorite blog might see similar offerings when they click on an image. According to Google, it will continue refining this feature to help shoppers in the holiday season.


The new features introduced by Google seek to help marketers widen their reach during the holidays. 61% of consumers say they can consider buying from new retailers during that period. 46% of such users bought from new retailers last year, going by a research by Google. Adding video is a sensible move given the results on the strength of the format. According to Google, Showcase can increase the click-through rates by 3.6 times and gets 20% more conversions.

The tech giant reports that searches on mobile for brands ‘like’ have increased by 60% in the past 12 months. Bearing this in mind, the new tools will help the shopper to narrow down their results to what they find interesting. It will also help the marketer to personalize their recommendations.

The news comes after the introduction of a new ad overlay themed for the holiday, personalized storefronts and video templates. This shows that the platform is ramping up its push for marketer ad dollars in the coming holiday.

Shoppers are also continuing to rely on many platforms to get the products they want by the say. 76% of adult shoppers during the holidays use retailer websites, in-store, and mobile. Mobile plays a huge part because the shopper can get their products at home or on the go. 60.1% of consumers use their phones in stores according to a survey by iVend.

Marketers continue to move up their campaigns to start earlier in the year. By the Monday after Thanksgiving, consumers had already completed 42% of their shopping for the holidays according to Google’s find outs. But advertisers still wait until Cyber Monday or Black Friday to roll off their campaigns. This means that they could miss out 40% of the consumers who start their shopping before it is November, as discovered by AdRoll. Holiday ad campaigns that start in October see 7% ad impression increases and a 12% drop in costs per click. They also see a 20% decrease in the cost per thousand when pitched against other months of the holiday season.

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