Google Launches Tools to Extend Interactive Ad Options

Google has introduced new ad tools that include a platform for creating 3D ads, YouTube ads Live features, and AR.

The new 3D display format looks to offer users and brands an engaging and interactive experience.

Swirl will allow advertisers to introduce 3D elements to their ads on mobile. Consequently, customers will be able to interact with all the details of a product before thy purchase. For instance, a customer will be able to zoom in and out or rotate a product to see it well.

By offering 3D access, brands will allow the customer to ‘test’ a product.
The Swirl format is accessible on Video 360 formats and Display on Google.
The ads are available in beta but will be fully rolled out before the end of the year. At the same time, the company has launched an immersive AR format that will allow customers to try make-up on themselves.

The ‘Beauty Try-on’ format will allow viewers on video to look for realistic samples.

Finally, YouTube extended its options to help live-stream content creators to maximize their content. The company introduced ad options for creators to go live inside of display ads. That way, they can encourage the customer to click and see more.

As people interact with videos, they can preview the live stream, watch it on full screen and leave when they please.

Facebook’s live stream videos generate 6X more interactions compared to regular video, making the format very engaging.

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