Google Launches Open Bidding

Google announced plans to invest dynamically into in-app advertising. They have launched strategies to make money from mobile gaming apps by introducing rewarded video ads and a new bidding strategy for their ad inventory.

First off, AdMob’s open bidding will let app ad creatives to bid for ad inventory impressions in real time. Since more partners will be bidding openly in the auction, developers will be able to enjoy better prices per impression according to Sissie Hsiao, Google App Ads’ vice president of products.

The idea is not new. Open bidding is working for companies such as OpenX, Smaato and Index Exchange. There are plans to include ad networks such as Vugle and AdColony in practice.

The underlying principle is to change how the industry monetizes their ads; to get rid of the current models that require multi-SDK adoption to function. Open bidding will support many types of interfaces from different partners and thereby simplify the reporting and billing processes.

The move by Google to earn more from in-app advertising will cover strategies to harness similar audiences as those that are already working and an intense focus on rewarded videos on games. As of now, one can enjoy the new features through UAC (Universal App Campaigns) which connects players and developers across all platforms owned by Google.

Currently, Google has seen more than 10 billion app installations through their ads and UAC. UAC is based on the company’s machine-learning tech and can get loyal fans across Google Play,, YouTube and over three million apps and sites within Google’s display network.

Since 2010, after being acquired by Google, AdMob has doubled ad requests on the platform.

According to Hsiao, their ‘hybrid model’ that combines rewardable in-app ads and video will let gamers pay by watching the ads. This has seen rewardable ads get a six times higher completion rate.

Google will now add other rewarded options such as multi-option or playable features to their network.

Google also added portrait video ads inside the rewarded ads together with six-second videos, contained within what they called ‘the ad unit’. The unit was first available on YouTube but is now also availed for advertisers on AdMob.

The company also launched 'playables', an ad format that lets people try out a game’s mini version before they can download the full game together with a Multi-Option format that allows players to pick the ads that they would rather watch. The two features will be included in AdMob by June of this year.

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