Google Improves App Store to Ease Finding Games

Google has made improvements to its Play Store to allow users to find games and apps easily to improve their experience in the store.

The company just recently announced the full visual redesign.

Google Play Store has more than two billion active users per month. The new updates make the app user-friendly and ease how users discover and access apps, according to Google.

The company introduced a navigation bar at the bottom of the store on mobile phones and a tab for navigation on the left for Chrome browsers and tablets to speed up browsing.

Google has separated game apps from other apps so that the user looking for a gaming app can find the right game easily.

The company has also enriched app information at the top of the page next to a call-to-action button.

Users can see the details of the app and make an informed choice to have an app on their devices.

Developers will have to get used to an updated icon system, but Google offered guidance for creating compelling store listing pages. It advises developers to test their images, videos, and icons using store listing experiments.


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