Google Expands Ad Tools for Publishers and Advertisers

Recently, Google expanded its self-serve app ad platform by adding new targeting options and ad formats.

The move put a higher emphasis on machine learning and automation to have the tools to help advertisers get users more efficiently. The solutions help publishers by enhancing their lifetime value.

Advertisers will now be able to Discover inventory via campaigns to publish ads.

In the US, app campaigns will run automatically to attract more potential users on Discover.

App ads will be expanded in Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Japan as well.

Google said that it would also launch YouTube Search app ads.

The company is also planning to launch in-stream skippable video ads in its display network.

Google claimed to have added smart segmentation for AdMob Insights and rewarded ad units for informing changes in revenue, impressions and eCPMs.

‘It is important to find the right users, but developers will need to consider growing the total revenue to sustain business. Integrating ads at natural breakpoints in an app can help create a new stream of revenue and deliver better user experiences,’ explained the VP of Product at Google, Sissie Hsiao.

This is the reason Google has launched new ad formats to show users ads as they wait for the app to load. The move creates a potential new stream for revenue.


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