Google Avails Video Ad Sequencing Tool


• Google made it possible for marketers to use its Video Ad Sequencing tool. In the beta tests, marketers were able to create the same ad differently to run campaigns on different screens and with different formats to unfold a story over a period.

• IPSOS conducted new research and found out that six-second sequences alongside TrueView ads were able to produce results. Following one ad with a TrueView ad resulted in a 118% recall increase and a 40% increase in the intent to purchase. Using one creative in different ways can improve metrics like sequences and ad recall while using different messages boosts the intention to buy by 67%.

• In an example, a video ad sequence used by 20th Century Fox helped to re-imagine ‘The Greatest Showman’ trailer. The campaign increased awareness and intent by five times compared to other campaigns of the same nature.


The consumption of digital video is growing on different screens. Marketers are trying to find the best way to leverage video ads in various contexts. It may not be sensible to run one video ad on social media platforms and video streaming. Consumers know when they are targeted with the same ad all over the web, and they find it creepy. The Video Ad sequence tool can help marketers to consider different formats, and ad cuts to tell a story using their ads.

Ad sequences can enable the marketer to utilize their video ad better. Google recommends for brands to resort to the short formats as a way to pave the way for long formats. For example, a six-second ad can help the marketer to pack an emotional punch. Research shows that most of these ads have high viewership, but they cannot connect on an emotional level.

Brands could benefit from compelling video ads especially if they resonate with young audiences. 75% of consumers, 85% of whom are millennials admit to buying a product after watching a video. In recent research, Brightcove defines a millennial as someone age between 18 and 34. These people find the video to be memorable and engaging. 66% of them say they have gotten involved with a brand after watching a video online.

In general, the viewership of online videos is expected to reach 258 million by the end of the year according to Forrester. Ad spending from this viewership is likely to get to $103 billion in five years. By 2023, video ad spending will be at 34%.

Google is working to make its ad offerings better. The company introduced shoppable images and a showcase for ads for publishers. Video works as an extension of Showcase Shopping ads.

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