Gaming Apps have 34% Retention Rate

App marketers who wish to grow their user base have to master user engagement to retain them.

Adjust debuted a growth map to offer insights on app behavior by growth, retention, organic, and paid performance.

The company has now added a factor for retention to measure the success of paid campaigns.

According to the latest reports, Thailand, Brazil, and Vietnam are the fastest growing market in terms of app usage and user downloads. The growth score offers a measure of the countries with more growth potential.

South America is the leading country in growth potential, while growth has slowed in the US and Japan.

Chile, Mexico, and Colombia have the highest eCommerce app growth rates while Thailand and Russia top in entertainment apps.

eCommerce apps retention rates average at 19% on day one and fall to 4% by the end of the month.

South America has the best retention rates, with Brazilians doing well in financial transactions in-app.

Entertainment apps had a retention rate increase to 5% on day 30 and 20% on day 1.

Gaming continues to perform best with a 34% retention rate on day 1 and 6% by the end of the month. Utility apps had retention rates of 8% and 2% on day one and day 30, respectively.

In general, the retention rates for organic users are better, but personalization makes for part of the success seen in Saudi Arabia, the US, and Egypt.

The right time to start paying for installs depends on the type of app you have.

According to adjust, entertainment apps drive paid installs more in the first week -75%, while eCommerce apps launch with little activity, which only scales up. Gaming sits in the middle at 47% over time.

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