First Half of 2019 Sees Retailers Lower YouTube Expenditure 20%

Retail advertisers on YouTube reduced their ad spend 20% within the first six months of 2019 according to Marketing Dive.

Most of the cuts point to difficulties US retailers are facing as opposed to problems inherent to YouTube.

The highest spenders on the platform included Geico, Walmart, Samsung, Toyota, and Disney, which reflects the ability YouTube has to attract big brands.

The platform has, however, had issues with brand safety resulting in some of the brands withdrawing their spending.

Retail is still the top category in YouTube ad expenditure.

However, only 13% of the top retailers increased their spend during the first six months of 2019.

Lowering the budget increases could mean that new ad platforms like Amazon and Instagram are gaining momentum and attracting brands who are trying to flesh out their options.

Similarly, entertainment and media brands spent 3% more on ads on YouTube during the said period.

The increase marks the first time that more than 50% of YouTube’s revenues come from entertainment brands. Top channels include WatchMojo, TheEllenShow, and PewDiePie.

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