First 2018 Half Sees UK Mobile Ad Viewability up 63%

In the UK, ad viewability had been on the rise with the recent reports putting it at 63.4% by the end of the first half of this year. This means that more than 50% of ads can be seen for the minimum possible time by the Media Ratings Council’s stipulations.

UK mobile ad viewability rises in 2018

The latest report by Integral Ad Science shows that viewability went up by 19% from last year. Additionally, ads that can be viewed for a minimum of five seconds went up by 10%.

According to the report, viewability for mobile web video and desktop also went up by 69% and 64.5% respectively. For mobile web display, it went up 57.5%, 9.3% more than mobile in-app ads.

UK mobile ad time in view 2018

‘It is essential for one to understand how the quality of media changes across platforms. It helps the advertiser to engage their audience,’ explained Nick Morley. ‘According to the report, there is a positive progress for the industry with more of the ads exceeding viewability standards,’ he added. Morley is the Managing director at Integral ad Science, EMEA.

‘Owing to the revamped focus on brand safety, our latest report showing how industry players are getting proactive and the resulting decline in brand risk in the UK. The future looks bright if we concentrate on all aspects, and not just the quality of media. Our approach needs to be holistic,’ he adds.

The report suggests that ad quality is now affected by brand image than it was before. Display ads are getting flagged as taking away from the brand image which has resulted in a drop from 5.8% to 4.5%.

The risks for mobile web brands are still high when compared to mobile web display.

UK mobile ad fraud in 2018

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