Facebook Supports Ad Library

Facebook has been concentrating on transparency and to this end; the company has now started accommodating ‘Ad Library.’ The service was initially named Ad Archive and is a database that covers even political ads and pages.
Interested brands can search for active ads for any page.

The Ad Library will add information about the pages that commission ads including their merges, name changes, and creation dates.
This move could make it hard for bad actors to thrive in the platform by changing the names of their pages.

On can get additional information from the Ad Library including the country of location and the page managers as long as the page runs content that is related to politics or things of public interest in some countries.

With the new Ad Library, the curious user can track to see what advertisers spend on politics related ads.

This covers all the monies they have spent in a week that was previously just availed in the Ad Library Report.

To make it convenient to search for past users, they will be saved for people who have logged in to the platform. People will be able to search by keyword and page.

Beginning in the middle of May, Facebook will update its library reports to add ads that relate to politics per day as opposed to per week. The tech giant is also planning to supply weekly, monthly and even quarterly reports to anyone who wishes to download.

Past the Ad Library, the company is working to make access to information within pages easy.

For instance, the ‘Home’ tab for all the pages will have a ‘Page Transparency’ section that will provide information like when the page was added to the library including the date of creation, primary country location, and name changes.

Facebook says that it will expand the library to add an API that will make ad analysis easier.


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