Facebook Reviews Marketers Collecting User Data on Instagram

Facebook started to review its marketing partners as part of efforts to find those who abuse data. According to the network, the move will affect Instagram.

Recently, the company released emails sharing details on cases of brokering data from 2015 and 2016.

Facebook claims not to have been aware of the circumstances and offered extensive details about employee response.

Since Cambridge Analytica, the social network has tightened its review of developers using an API that allows companies to use the platform’s tools for their products.

Facebook said that it would review hundreds of partners in response to a piece published on Business Insider that identified marketers who seemed to be collecting user data.

The company is acting against Sked Social, Storrito and Stackla which were guilty of scraping.

In an email, the company said:

Scraping is against our policies. We are acting against the guilty companies and investigating the rest. This problem is common in the industry. Here, we are developing proactive methods of detecting data scraping, and we are reviewing our marketing partners. We know these efforts may not work 100%, but they will improve matters.


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