Facebook Reduces Mobile Ad Space on the News Feed


  • Facebook recently announced the move to alter ad formats as they appear on the News Feed to match them with the feel and look of the app after redesigning. The social network will reduce with text that shows up in ads from seven lines to three.
  • Facebook is also changing the size of videos and images from 4:5 aspect ratios to 2:3 for sponsored posts. The change will mean that mobile ads will look shorter than other media, and any advertisements that do not comply will be masked in the feed.
  • ‘The changes are meant to make ad formats simpler and to improve the user experience,’ said the company in the announcement. ‘The idea is to increase the effectiveness of ads and make it easy to reuse Facebook assets on Instagram.’


The pending changes by the social network are meant to make paid content a little less intrusive for users. It points to the company placing a premium on the experience of users as opposed to the needs of the advertiser. The changes will result in marketers having less engagement room through text and images. Advertisers get only three text lines and a small video or image that they can use to hook customers. It now becomes imperative that they make the best of their assets to engage a user sliding through the feed.

The news follows a trend by younger users to leave the platform. Even so, the number of users for Facebook is growing.

Advertisers will have to be more imaginative with their ads. They can try the Carousel format, which allows swiping right to left to show up to ten images, accompanied by text.

All through its history, the company has changed the format of its ads to reach brands and expanded the placement of its ads on apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The company has also been looking to make advertising transactional to get direct sales. In May, Instagram created @shop, an exclusive account which curates posts from merchants online who sell their products through the platform. In March, the app had rolled out a native feature for checking out with more than 23 brands in the US. The feature lets shoppers make payments without having to leave the app. Facebook confirmed that it would allow advertisers to advertise on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the company has been trying to appeal to developers as users spend more on mobile games. The social giant expanded playable ads and rewarded video to allow game developers in their Audience Network to track users on the internet. The company also introduced playable ads to enable developers to embed mini versions of games for the user to sample before they download the full app.

Credit: https://www.mobilemarketer.com/news/facebook-shrinks-ad-space-on-mobile-news-feed/559194/

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