Facebook Playable Ads Boost PopSocket’s Recall 56%


  • The mobile accessories maker popSockets recently improved their ad recall to 56% more than what they expected through a campaign on Facebook using Playable Ads. The campaign, dubbed ‘Swappable PopGrips’ challenged the players to see how skilled they were at a match game which highlighted finding the tops patterns for the brand.

  • A study published by Mobile Marketer revealed the campaign to have resulted in 5.3 interactions per user on average, with an ad. Players spent an average of 4.5 minutes on the fame which was eight times more than a typical playable ad. Additionally, 24% of the players were able to finish the game.

  • Undertone, the digital platform for branding, was responsible for developing the playable ads used that aimed at reaching Generation Z and millennials on Facebook.


The campaign by PopSockets points to the power of playable ads and how they can engage mobile users who are simply scrolling down their News Feed. The game pointed to the product and was able to prolong brand exposure. This has been a significant challenge on the platform because users scroll the news feed, ignoring ads within less than a second.

Mobile gamers interact better with ads. 53% of them say ads help them to get product updates compared to 42% for non-gamers going by Newzoo research. 43% of gamers admitted to the possibility of buying a product from a brand whose ad they liked. The number is at 32% for non-gamers. The desire to play games means that ads displayed there will have a larger audience on social media platforms.

Facebook has been expanding its playable ads to include more advertisers over the years. Last year, the platform added the ad format for game developers to run News Feed ads. The ads would let the gamer try a game out before they could install it from an app store. Bagelcode, the game developer, ran a test with playable ads and saw an improvement in ROAS, of 3.2 times more for their Android users and 1.4 more for iOS users. Ravio, another game developer, saw a decrease in the cost-per-paying-user of 40% and a 70% increase in ROAS after seven days of using the ad format according to Facebook.


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