Facebook News Feed Earns Most of Ad Spend

A new report by Socialbakers reveals that more than 60% of Facebook's ad spend goes to the News Feed despite the diversification across Instagram Feed, Suggested Video, Instream Video, and Stories.

Mobile is the top platform where consumers interact with ads (95.1%) compared to 4.9% on desktop.

The company analyzed the top 50 Facebook and Instagram brands and noticed how the audience size is the same.

The findings point to how critical Instagram is becoming among brands as a way of connecting to the audience. Most of user engagement happens on Instagram and not Facebook. Most beauty and fashion brands prefer the platform.

Meanwhile, there is still a surge in influencer marketing. Instagram influencers associated with a brand went up 33% from last year.

'Data from the second quarter of 2019 suggests that marketers not putting their efforts in maximizing cross-channel visibility, benchmarking and paid social media optimization fall behind,' said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, the CEO of Socialbakers. 'Monitoring one's strategy and optimizing it across accounts and channels is a clear way to delve into numbers to see what is working well and where the future potential lies.'

Carousel ads on Instagram were found to lead many organic interactions with more than 120 posts, but the format was only used 18%.

Facebook Live performed best but was only used by 4% of posts.

'Marketers who need to know where they should invest their ad spend make higher when converting ad placements and when they take on influencers. Q2 data trends reports can help them steer in the right direction,' added Ben-Itzhak. 'It is now more critical that brands use insights derived from data to build smart social media strategies, capitalizing on the latest opportunities and trends.'

Credit: Business of Apps

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