Facebook Messenger Ads Cost More than News Feed Ads

There are close to 127 million people using Facebook Messenger this year. EMarketer expects the figure to reach 138 million by 2022. Yet the question is whether ads on the platform are worth the hassle.

Ads of Facebook’s messenger platform do not differ much from the ones appearing on the News Feed. They appear as videos, photos, slideshows and carousel ads and advertisers get to retarget them.

The argument is that ads on the platform could be a catalyst for a conversation between the brand and the customer, which could lead to a personalized experience.
Vibes conducted a survey among smartphone users in the US. They found that more people used the messenger platform to talk to brands than other apps for messaging.
However, ad impressions on the platform in general, still lag behind those of the News Feed and on Facebook’s Instagram.

According to another report by Barclays, there were seven billion impressions on the platform last year compared to Facebook’s 15.6 trillion and Instagram’s 611 billion.
What’s more, the report showed that Messenger ads are more expensive than the ones for the News Feed, going for $3CPM. They are cheaper compared to the rates on Instagram.

Furthermore, there have been debates surrounding the introduction of ads on Facebook Messenger. After all, many users think ads to be intrusive.

‘Messenger ads are a bit more invasive and interruptive,’ said the Vice President at Digitas, Liz Cole. ‘To shed more light on the issue, think of advertising on the News Feed like radio advertising. A display on Messenger then is like advertising in the middle of a phone conversation. Advertisers will need to see that and respect the platform.’

Facebook Messenger previously promised to dwell on user experience but this remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen whether the ads on the platform will do as well as some advertisers expect.

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