Facebook Launches Showcase

Facebook has rolled off a premium video ads program dubbed Showcase that is meant to offer access to video inventory online for users of Watch, the platform’s video-on-demand service.

Some formats that have proven they work on the platform include in-stream ads with a completion rate of more than 70%.

While Showcase is only available in the US now, advertisers can start familiarizing with features like sponsorships, in-stream reserve, and reserve categories.

Reserve ads served in-stream are typically picked from publishers who produce engaging content. They are verified by Nielsen who buy them early and deliver them to the targeted audiences.

In those reserve categories, advertisers can choose packages of content from different classes ranging from beauty and fashion to sports and entertainment.

‘On Facebook, the in-stream reserve has made it possible to reach audiences we would never have reached with our advertising,’ said Andrew Hotz. ‘A recent campaign we ran using the format produced 45 point increases in ad recall. Now, with this new format, Showcase, we will be able to plan in advance and leverage reserve inventory.’ Hotz is the EVP of global digital marketing at Warner Bros.

When advertisers sponsor a video, they become the exclusive sponsors for the content and so they can pick the shows they want to display their ads.
Facebook also announced a partnership with MTV Studios to make sure they add more shows to Watch.


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