Facebook Launches Playable Ads on Audience Network

Facebook has moved into gaming and recently rolled out playable ads with an interactive feature across Audience Network.

The ads were initially rolled out last year, August. The format allows the gamer to test a version of the app they want before they download it.
Facebook’s research shows that users who tested an app were 60% more likely to open the game after installing it.

Users also spend 47% more time with ads they can interact with than with non-interactive ad formats.

The social network has now added playable versions of interstitial formats and rewarded video to the network.

More to that, the company is planning to launch measurement features that will monitor when users start engaging with playable ads and how active they are as they engage.

The new metrics will allow game developers to understand why some of their games are more successful than others and adjust appropriately.

57% of developers already like in-app ads because they register better user retention, and so Facebook’s investment may pay off.


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