Facebook Introduces Search Ads for Commercial Search Terms

Facebook released search ads to display next to commercial search terms like services and products.

The placements were tested for a year and will roll out in all the social network’s News Feeds and marketplaces. They will be a bonus for eCommerce and retailer brands.

Search ads will be availed for mobile-only and as part of News Feed ads. This means that these ads are not standalone formats but embedded.

Initial tests show that the ad format offers real value, according to a spokesperson of the company.

Facebook found audiences who interacted with ads on Audience Network, Instagram, and Facebook to have 8x more conversion rates than those who met ads on Facebook alone.

Advertisers will get to choose automatic placement for their ads or for ‘Facebook Search Results’ in Ads Manager.

In a blog post, the company revealed that ‘the ads are designed for fitting the experience on the specific search results.’ The results resemble News Feed ads but with transparency controls, including a ‘sponsored’ label on the placement.

Targeting for these ads resembles other types of ads and will include targeting based on search keywords and people.

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