Facebook Creating Messaging App Threads for Users on Instagram

Facebook is looking to create a new app that will encourage friends to share more intimately.

The app, Threads, will serve Instagram users because Facebook already has Messenger.

Instagrammers will be able to use Threads to share videos, images, and texts. The app will allow the user to share location and battery life.

Previously, Instagram was working on Direct, a different messaging up that it abandoned in May.

Beta testers complained not enjoying having to switch between apps using Direct.

Instagram is not giving up yet.

The Verge reported that the move may be yet another attempt to compete with Snapchat which already has solidified communication between friends.

Interestingly, the app can share the user’s status, speed, and location as long as the user allows it to.

The app resembles other Instagram features. A green dot next to the name of the friend indicates activity. One can see their friends’ posts on the app.

Instagram did not comment on the time the app will be released.

Credit: https://www.businessofapps.com/news/facebook-has-been-working-on-new-messaging-app-threads-for-instagram-users/

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