Facebook Confirms Data Mix

Facebook recently confirmed that there was an outage in its pixel code that resulted in advertisers noticing odd conversion reports with strange results and missing data.

Pixel is a code used by users on Facebook. It collects marketing data that helps to track conversions from ads. Marketers are also able to build audiences to use in the future and to remarket ads too.

The company said that the code’s outage, which happened between September 16 and 17, could impact standard events.

The reports caused errors that could impact dynamic ads, custom audiences, and conversions.

It is unclear whether the issue has been resolved with some marketers still experiencing some abnormalities.

According to the co-founder of Foxwell Digital, Andrew Foxwell, ‘reports are getting back in order, but they are not completely recovered. Currently, we are working to understand if data back-fills into reports.’

The outage could have affected the performance stats of the platform.

Credit: Business of Apps

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