Facebook Changes News Feed Ad Format

Just recently, Facebook announced the decision to revamp its News Feed ads. Through the blog post, the company revealed that the ads need to match the new Facebook design in its look and feel.

The specific updates mean that the ads will have less text, up to a maximum of three lines. Viewers will get an option to decide if they want to ‘see more.’

The company has also changed how the accompanying photos and videos for the ads will look. The aspect ratio for the new images will be 2:3 and not 4:5 on mobile. The company said it will mask media that is taller.

The changes are in line with Facebook’s attempts at simplifying its format and making the News Feed consistent on mobile.

The hope is that the effectiveness of ads will be improved for advertisers to be able to reuse assets across Instagram and the News Feed.

The announcement comes after a redesign of the Ads Manager at the beginning of the year. The network has earned a reputation for changing the News Feed and the formats of their ads to keep brands satisfied while creating less disruptive and engaging environments for users. The struggle has been to keep growing despite all these.

80% of marketers who use social prefer running campaigns on Facebook. However, the average time users spend on Facebook has reduced since last year. It is expected to get to a stable 1:15 hours per day on average, for users in the US.

The new changes to the News Feed, where the most engagement in the platform happens may be a strategy to keep users interested in the app.

Credit: https://www.businessofapps.com/news/facebook-revamps-mobile-news-feed-ads/

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