Facebook Better Enforces Against Bad Players

Estimates by Facebook put the number of fake accounts that are active per month at 5%.

In March, the company reported having over 2.3 billion active users per month. 5% of this number puts the fake accounts at close to 119 million.
In their latest report about enforcement, the company estimated that 14 views out of every 10 000 times content had been viewed, violated the sexual activity and adult nudity policy. Twenty-five of those views had content violating graphic content and violence policies.

For those views, less than three had content that violated global terrorism policies, sexual exploitation, and child nudity.

The vice president of integrity at Facebook, Guy Rose, said that the figures were assessed periodically. The content was sampled regularly and reviewed against standards.

Rosen said that the number of fake accounts that the company took action against increased because bad actors were increasingly using automated attacks.

From last year’s last quarter, the company has disabled 2.19 billion fake user accounts.

‘We will keep finding better ways to stop attempts at violating our policies,’ vowed Rosen in the report.

In the report, the company claims to have flagged 95% of the harmful content in all six policy areas before it needed reporting.

There was 65% of hate speech content that Facebook had to remove, an increase from last year’s 24%.

During Q1, the company took down four million posts with hate speech.


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