Facebook Automates Core Advertising Tools

Last month, Facebook announced changes it is making to its interface in business and ads manager. The changes will form part of the automation process for some parts of the system.

To start with, the network rolled out an updated interface for Ads manager that offers a clean design and simple navigation features.

The navigation bar will now provide more space for ad management and will highlight tools that offer additional ad performance insight via reports.
These changes are not unique in the fact that they are based on advertiser feedback. They reduce the steps that one has to take to build a creative.
For instance, the platform introduced a feature to ‘copy-paste’ that reduces the steps involved in ad creation.

‘Advertisers requested a 'copy and paste' feature for a while,’ said a spokesperson for the company.

The function will create a clipboard that makes it possible for the advertiser to copy ad objects. Before, marketers had to rely on duplication modal.

Advertisers will still get to name their campaigns as they please, but the platform has introduced a feature for auto-naming that makes it faster for any business to personalize a campaign and set ads.

Facebook is planning to release other ad-level creatives and tools for editing the placement next year.

Business Manager will get updates as well that are due for release later in the year. The updates look to make the manager quicker and more comfortable for an agency to activate a campaign on Facebook. Changes will include Facebook is calling a ‘seamless process’ that lets agencies add advertisers.
The company wants to provide a better way for agencies to manage their advertising history and to report it and to make it easier to organize and assign assets in Business Manager.


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