Facebook Ads Top Non-Gaming and Gaming Apps in AppsFlyer Index

When it comes to app marketing performance, Facebook continues to lead, undisputed.

To produce the latest performance index, AppsFlyer looked at 8200 apps from 295 media sources and in 14.5 billion installs. The mobile analytics firm then used the analysis to present a report for the first six months of 2018.

Facebook topped the list, followed by Google for all gaming and non-gaming apps. However, when it came to non-organic installs, Google topped the list all over the world, being highest in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India. The index attributes Google’s rise to its focus on mobile this year.

‘To understand the changes in the different regions regarding media, we have a new index about growth. It combines different network success factors,’ said the Managing Director of AppsFlyer. ‘We have included a ranking for ‘Up and Coming’ apps that will enable marketers to consider options outside of the industry leaders. The market is fast-paced. This will prove to be a vital tool for marketers. They will be able to depend on all this insight in their partnership decisions,’ adds Paul Wright.

Meanwhile, the report suggests that fraud in app installs has been on the rise compared to the former index more so with non-gaming. The category saw a fraud rate four times higher than its counterpart. Overall, fraud is high on gaming networks.
Compared to other types of apps, shopping apps were the most affected by app install fraud. Note that IronSource jumped to the sixth spot in the latest index following the move to improve its video ad quality.

For non-gaming, Snapchat was at the eighth place. It saw a 75% increase with non-gaming installs and 36% for gaming apps.

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